Meet Dr. Vance Elliott

From Patient to Hair Loss Pioneer

Dr. Elliott is a highly trusted hair loss doctor, but he was also once a patient. He learned, mastered, and pioneered treatments, procedures, and solutions to realize his hair restoration. To Dr. Elliott, hair and skin medicine are more than practices. They’re ways for his patients to find their way back to themselves and find joy and confidence. He takes his personal experience and uses what he learned to help others. Improving the lives of those he treats is a way of life for Dr. Elliott. His passion is seeing the look on his patients’ faces after seeing their restored head of hair for the first time.
Dr. Vance Elliott from Advanced Hair and Skin Surgery in Edmonton & Sherwood Park.

Where Patient Care Comes First

If you want a hair medicine doctor who genuinely understands you, then Dr. Elliott is right for you. Dr. Elliott has genuine empathy and compassion for every person experiencing hair loss. He guides patients from beginning to end, helping them select the perfect hair restorations, esthetic medicines, and phlebology treatments. You’ll find an unrelenting advocate and champion in Dr. Elliott, an expert who will walk beside you throughout your journey and won’t stop until your hair restoration and cosmetic goals have been achieved.

Credentials & Qualifications

Dr. Vance Elliott with patients at Advanced Hair and Skin Surgery in Edmonton & Sherwood Park.

Guiding Next-Generation Hair Loss Doctors

Dr. Elliott has cultivated a legacy of teaching and mentorship. He’s taught an entire generation of hair loss doctors, passing on his skills, expertise, and years of experience so that the next hair restoration professionals may continue providing exceptional care. He’s mentored Canada’s top hair loss and cosmetic doctors to help them refine and perfect their practice. He’s spoken and given seminars about hair restoration and cosmetic medicine throughout the world.

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