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Innovative Hair Transplants in the Greater Edmonton Area

Hair loss occurs for men and women of all ages and backgrounds. It’s sometimes genetic, but it can also be caused by medication, scarring, traumatic injury, and scalp surgery. Regardless of the cause or extent of your hair loss, you don’t have to live with it forever. Trust Dr. Vance Elliott at Advanced Hair and Skin Surgery to help you regain your life. Dr. Elliott has been a leading provider of hair medicine in Canada for over 20 years. His his hair restoration treatments and surgical procedures in the Greater Edmonton Area have fundamentally transformed patients' lives. He's treated patients with Andro-genetic alopecia (AGA) whose ages range from 16 to 85. As a former hair loss patient, Dr. Elliott has performed every treatment and procedure he offers on himself, so you can be confident knowing the treatments you receive for your scalp condition or balding are effective. Get hair loss treatment that genuinely works.
Hair restoration for cancer patients in Edmonton and Sherwood Park, AB.

Hair Restoration for Cancer Patients

Cancer treatments like chemo and radiation therapy kill hair follicles, causing otherwise healthy hair to fall out wholly or partially. Dr. Elliott has treated countless cancer patients throughout his career, returning their hair to its former appearance post-recovery.

Groundbreaking Hair Loss Solutions

Patients from all over Canada travel to the Greater Edmonton Area to have their hair loss treated and remedied by Dr. Elliott. His practice is outfitted with the latest and most innovative hair transplant and Lasercap® technology, and he operates it himself. You'll receive top quality hair restoration treatments from one of the most experienced hair doctors in the country.
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