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Female hair loss is much more common than people realize. When women suffer from hair loss, it can significantly affect their emotional well-being, which is why Dr. Vance Elliott offers life-changing female hair transplant solutions. Dr. Elliott understands the complexities of hair loss and has been restoring women’s hair and confidence for more than 20 years.
Woman smiling after her successful female hair transplant treatment in Edmonton and Sherwood Park.

Female Hair Transplant Treatment

Hair transplant solutions are tailored to our patient’s individual needs. Hair loss is not a one-size-fits-all situation, and our detail-oriented staff strives to accurately diagnose and treat each patient in a way that suits their personal needs.
Women are showing the process of hair transplant procedure in Edmonton and Sherwood Park.

How Female Hair Transplant Procedures Work

We transplant grafts from the back of the head, leaving the entire length of hair rather than clipping the hair to three millimetres in length, and then transplant it to the necessary area. This seamless method of hair transplanting is preferred over the traditional transplant alternative, as it gives patients a preview of their new appearance.

Are Female Hair Transplants Painful?

Female hair transplants are not typically painful or uncomfortable, as your scalp will be numbed for your procedure. The incisions are very small and more superficial, and this technique minimizes injury to deeper nerves and vessels within your scalp. You can expect a faster healing time with our advanced techniques, with minimal discomfort that can be easily managed by medication.

The Benefits of Female Hair Transplants

Unlike temporary solutions like wigs, extensions, or concealing hairstyles, hair transplants provide a permanent solution. Women often have a deep attachment to their hair, and transplants allow them to feel confident in their self-image. The long-lasting results of a female hair transplant provide you with thicker hair, a youthful hairline, natural-looking density, and reduced bald spots.

Anesthetics and Medications for Your Hair Transplant

During your procedure, you can expect to feel no pain, as Dr. Elliott uses tiny needles, neuro-distraction techniques with pH-balanced dilute anesthetics, and a gentle hand. The anesthetics are long-lasting, so our patients are comfortable throughout the surgery. Dr. Elliott will send you home with non-sedating pain medication to keep you comfortable while you recover.

Expected Results of a Woman’s Hair Transplant

A female hair transplant may take a couple of months to a year to have noticeable growth, but it is well worth it. A month after your procedure, your implanted hairs will begin to fall out. This is normal. Three to four months post-procedure, your new implanted hairs will start growing permanently.

The Difference Between Female and Male Hair Loss

When men experience hair loss, they often have frontotemporal recession of hair. Women’s hairlines are different, as they descend downward and are rounded, often with a cowlick, distinguished by hair angles that lay in a backward tilting angle. The reasons women may experience hair loss also vary from why men tend to experience hair loss.

Common Reasons Women Experience Hair Loss

Several factors may contribute to a woman’s hair loss. Our professionals will better understand how we will handle your hair restoration solution once we can assess the reasons behind your hair loss. Poor diet, birth control, menopause, stress, pregnancy, medications, illnesses, alopecia, and genetics are just some of the many possible factors affecting hair loss.

Female Hair Transplant Before & After Pictures

Our patients always finish their hair transplant process with results they can feel confident in. Here are some of our patients' before and after pictures to give you a feel for how we can restore your self-esteem with a best-in-class hair transplant procedure.
before image
after image

Female Hair Transplant 1

before image
after image

Female Hair Transplant 2

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after image

Female Hair Transplant 3

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after image

Female Hair Transplant 4

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