Phlebectomy Procedure

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What Is Ambulatory Phlebectomy?

Ambulatory phlebectomy is simple procedure that removes varicose veins through small needle punctures in the skin. There are no surgical incisions or sutures (stitches) needed. It is performed in Dr. Elliott’s office with simple local anesthesia.
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When Is Ambulatory Phlebectomy Appropriate?

Ambulatory phlebectomy may be used to remove both asymptomatic and symptomatic superficial veins from the skin. Typically, treated veins are the larger, bulging (raised) and varicose veins, although smaller veins may also be removed with ambulatory phlebectomy. Ambulatory phlebectomy may be combined with other therapies in the treatment of venous disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Patients who are allergic to the local anesthesia, who are not able to walk on their own and who cannot wear the compression stockings (arterial circulation problems) are not candidates for this procedure. Any active infection or rash in the treated areas needs to resolve before the surgery.

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