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Patient Reviews for Dr. Vance ElliottAdvanced Hair and Skin Surgery

Google Reviews on Advanced Hair and Skin Surgery


So grateful I found Dr. Elliott! He and his staff have been beyond kind and professional to me. I so appreciate his manner and patience. I have been seeing him for varicose veins and although "I just love those needles" the end results are amazing and my legs feel years younger!

bonnie haugen, 04/14/2021

My first visit with Dr. Vance went very well and my experience exceeded my expectations. The staff were very professional and and put me at ease. Dr. Vance was excellent ... very approachable. He explained my procedure before he started and kept checking with me throughout. I would not hesitate to refer him to anyone requiring his assistance.

Kate Schlachter, 03/10/2021

I have been going to Dr. Elliott for at least 5 years. I was first referred to him for hair loss by a hairstylist. Dr. Elliott has always been very helpful and knowledgeable regarding my hair loss and treatments. I followed his directions and was happy with the improvement. About two years ago I was diagnosed with throat cancer. After going through treatment I had a significant hair loss. When I was well enough I went back to Dr. Elliott as I was pretty confident he could help me again. He was very kind and gracious. I again followed his prescriptions and treatments and now have my hair back to pre-cancer diagnosis level. I am very grateful to Dr. Elliott and his staff. I have referred a number of my family and friends to see him regarding hair loss as well.

Candace Lang, 02/04/2021

Dr. Elliott & his staff are simply amazing! I travel from Calgary for his expertise & artistry & will continue to do so. He is by far the most talented injectionist I have come across. While I initially came to see Dr. Elliott for treatment of my acne scars...he is the ONLY doctor in Alberta that is trained to use permanent fillers in the treatment of acne scars...I have since had other facial fillers done. I can say that he is a perfectionist and his work has exceeded my expectations. Dr. Elliott is as humble as he is talented. His staff is just the most welcoming & knowledgeable team ever. I am so grateful to have found their amazing clinic. Thank you so much to Dr. Elliott & the entire team!

Crystal Brevik, 12/26/2020

I am a big fan of Dr. Elliot. Very honest and very knowledgeable!! Thank you Dr. Elliot for giving me back my confidence! My legs look beautiful just after few Varicose Veins injections.

Viola Bashiri, 03/24/2020

Dr. Elliott and his staff are nothing short of amazing! Always a welcoming environment from the moment you walk in the door. Dr. Elliott always takes his time to offer information on procedures, products, and processes; he personalizes each to suit your specific cosmetic needs/desired outcome. 5 stars all around!!!

Kamee Gilmore, 02/12/2019

I am a physician in Vancouver BC. I attended Dr. Elliott's training on Sculptra in Edmonton on June 20th. His knowledge, experience, and hand techniques were outstanding. I would highly recommend Dr. Elliott to anyone who is looking for cosmetic procedures including my own family.

Dr. Vahid Sahiholnasab, 02/16/2020

You have a go bald or see dr. Vance and have hair... it's just that simple. If you are losing your hair and do choose to be bald and should learn to enjoy the "bird nest jokes" that aren't funny. Hair loss is curable and totally preventable...YOU CHOOSE. Living 8 years bird nest free.

Brian Chiles, 02/24/2020

The best injector in Edmonton!! I am very impressed at how natural the Sculptra injections turn out! I am very interested in butt augmentation using Sculptra. Thank you for your great expertise.

Ping O, 02/15/2018

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