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Lip Augmentation Procedures at Advanced Hair & Skin Surgery

This is a very common cosmetic medical procedure, but unfortunately, one that is also commonly poorly done and painful. We have all seen celebrities like Melanie Griffiths, Goldie Hawn, and others with lips that look terrible. This is not what anyone wants. As in all cosmetic procedures, beautiful work goes unnoticed and it is the unnatural and bizarre that is the visible example.

Dr. Elliott’s staff have had lip enhancements and you can’t tell, because all you see is beautiful natural lips. If you would like to have fuller, younger, and more feminine lips, don’t think Goldie Hawn. Instead, come and see theirs.

What Worries You?

It’s normal to want fuller, younger, sexier looking lips. Patients usually tell Dr. Elliott that their main worries are an unnatural look and pain. We worry about this because we have seen others, often celebrities, with lips that just look wrong, and maybe we know someone who had painful lip injections. Nobody wants this!

Lip Augmentation in Sherwood Park


Lip augmentation without a proper anesthetic block hurts. There is no two ways about it. Fillers are injected and needles in your lip are painful. Newer forms of the popular fillers like Restylane® and JUVÉDERM® contain the anesthetic lidocaine. A great idea, but one that doesn’t solve the problem of the pain of the needles. In order for the anesthetic to take effect, the product must be injected into your lip and it is the injection that is painful. The anesthetic takes effect after the fact, and Dr. Elliott believes this is wrong. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Dr. Elliott does advanced, painless, short acting blocks on all of his patients who have lip enhancements. What this means is that your lips are completely numb when he does the filler injections. You can relax when you are not in pain. It also means less bruising, because if you are in pain, your blood pressure goes up and you bruise more.

Unnatural Lips

Some of the common esthetic failings that we all see in lips that don’t look natural are too much upper lip volume (sausage lip), too much protrusion of the upper lip (duck lips), lack of shape and definition (balloon lips), or just plain uneven lips. See an expert like Dr. Elliott and discuss the shape of your lips and the ideal plan for enhancement.

Natural, beautiful lips have nice lower lip fullness, often with a lower lip central pout and slight cleft, in balance but not overshadowed by upper lip fullness. The upper lip should have a nicely defined cupid’s bow and shapely curves toward the corners of the lip. Call us today for more information!

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