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Corrective Hair Surgery by Advanced Hair & Skin Surgery

There are several situations where patients may need corrective hair surgery.

  • Past transplants now look unnatural either because of older large graft techniques done at that time, or because of progressive hair loss which has led to an unnatural look.
  • Scarring from medical conditions or injury which have caused a loss of hair in the scalp, eyebrow, eyelashes, mustache, or beard.
  • Alopecia areata patches that have failed to regrow.
  • Over-plucking of eyebrows leading to long term thinning or loss of the hair.

Good hair surgeons know a variety of techniques for correcting these situations. Excision and follicle recycling, softening of old grafts with follicular unit grafts, scar revision and scar grafting are all techniques commonly used by Dr. Elliott to repair and reconstruct these situations.

The bottom line is that in his experience, anything can be fixed when it comes to hair repair.

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