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Hair Transplant Procedures With Dr. Vance Elliott

We believe all people should be able to feel and look their best. Hair loss can take a toll on your self-esteem and self-worth. Our specialists are here to restore your confidence with industry-leading hair transplant procedures with our talented doctor, Dr. Vance Elliott.


The first step in a hair transplant procedure is a mandatory consultation with a specialist to discuss your hair loss, your health, and the results you are looking to achieve. During your consultation, your scalp will be assessed, and you will be provided with a treatment plan. We recommend preparing questions and concerns to be answered during your consultation.

The Day of Your Procedure

Hair loss procedures take place early morning. Upon arrival, the surgical team will prepare you for surgery. The surgeon will disinfect your scalp and apply lidocaine injections to numb the area that will be harvested. We will then extract the hair follicles and prepare them for implantation. The surgeon will then disinfect and numb the receiving area of your scalp and implant the grafts.

Post-transplant Aftercare

We recommend taking a few days after surgery to recover. Use sterile saline sprays to treat your scalp. It is typical for your scalp to scab and appears red during this time, or for forehead swelling to occur. Take pain medication as needed and avoid hats, scarves, harsh shampoos, exercising, tanning, or swimming during your recovery.

What You Can Expect

Around one-month post-transplant, your implanted hairs will begin to fall out. This is entirely normal. The regrowth of your new transplanted hair will start its permanent regrowth by the third or fourth month. The process can be tedious, but it is well worth it!

How Many Grafts You Will Need

The number of grafts a patient may need varies for every individual case. The number of grafts will depend on the condition of your scalp and the level of hair loss you are experiencing. Your expectations for your results will also determine how many grafts may need to be used.

The Benefits of Advanced Hair Restoration

Hair transplant procedures offer plenty of benefits, both physically and emotionally. You will finally have thicker, more luxurious hair that gives you confidence and makes you feel great about yourself. It’s cost-effective, as you pay for your procedure and no longer have to worry about spending money on products to increase growth or hide hair loss.

Hair Transplants and Restorations Before & After Pictures

Dr. Vance Elliott has helped countless patients achieve the head of hair they longed for. At our clinic, we strive to provide our patients with only the highest quality results. Here are some of our before & after pictures, so you can get an idea of how hair transplants can improve your hair loss condition.

Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplants are more costly than other hair loss products; however, they are a permanent solution that may save you money long-term, as they restore your hair and eliminate the need for other hair loss solutions. The exact cost varies depending on the extent of the procedure. A consultation with our friendly specialists will give you an estimate for your treatment.

Elements Included in Our Hair Transplant Procedures

Our comprehensive hair transplant procedures offer more than just the surgery itself. The cost encompasses your consultation with the surgeon and our team of caring and attentive specialists, your prescriptions for any medications or topical treatments, your care and customer support leading up to your treatment and post-procedure, and any additional follow-ups and examinations.

Why You Should Choose Advanced Hair & Skin Surgery

Dr. Vance Elliott offers state-of-the-art hair transplant surgeries for patients in Edmonton and Sherwood. Dr. Elliott’s extensive background in hair restoration makes him the best fit for your hair transplant procedure. Our compassionate staff remains attentive from consultation to completion, offering you peace of mind and answers to all your questions and concerns.

Contact Us To Begin Your Hair Transformation

Deciding whether a hair transplant procedure is right for you can be daunting, but our team of detail-oriented, caring professionals is here to guide you through the process with care, knowledge, and kindness. Contact us today to discuss your hair loss and the options we can offer you.

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