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Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Today

Don’t let unwanted hair growth affect your confidence or self-esteem. Investing in laser hair removal will give you long-term results with little risk of discomfort or negative side effects. Advanced Hair and Skin Surgery specializes in safe, fast, and effective laser hair removal in Edmonton and Sherwood Park, AB. Our laser hair remover process is simple and minimizes discomfort so you can have smooth, hairless skin for months or even years. We specialize in laser facial hair removal, bikini laser hair removal, and body hair removal. Call us today to schedule a consultation or get answers to your hair removal questions.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Edmonton and Sherwood Park

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

The laser hair removal process uses low-level pulses of laser light to destroy hair follicles safely and completely. It is a simple, low-risk cosmetic procedure that is minimally invasive. We will use a small, handheld device to emit targeted laser light to the skin during laser hair removal. The laser light is absorbed by the hair’s pigment and converted to heat, damaging the hair follicles and delaying or preventing future hair growth. While you won’t experience permanent hair removal, you will enjoy months or years without shaving or other hair removal methods.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a very effective, low-risk way to eliminate unwanted hair in almost any area. The results are immediate and long-lasting, with little maintenance or upkeep required. Removing unwanted hair can improve your self-esteem and confidence and help you reach your beauty goals. Laser hair removal is also a convenient way to avoid the hassle of shaving or other hair removal methods, especially if you have an injury, medical condition, illness, or mobility issues that affect your ability to shave. Laser hair removal is also a key element of gender-affirming care for some individuals.

How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

We will give you specific instructions for preparing for laser hair removal. We will discuss your needs, goals, and expectations during our initial consultation. We will go over your medical history and discuss your medication use and any history of skin conditions or past hair removal procedures. We may take photos to use in before and after assessments. We will tell you to stay out of the sun before your procedure and avoid using creams or oils that may lighten or darken your skin. You should stop using other hair removal methods for at least four weeks before treatment. Do not take any medications that could thin your blood in the 24 hours before your treatment.

Results of Laser Hair Removal

The most common questions about laser hair removal that we get are ‘does laser hair removal hurt?’ and ‘is laser hair removal permanent?’ Laser hair removal does not hurt. We will apply a topical anesthetic to the treatment area before we begin. You may experience heat or irritation like a warm pinprick but no pain. Laser hair removal is not permanent. Your hair will not immediately fall out but will be shed over the next few days and weeks. You will need repeated treatments to target all cycles of hair growth and loss. Most people notice that results last several months, while others may have results that last several years. When hair does regrow, it is often finer and lighter in color.

Laser Hair Removal Recovery and Risks

After laser hair removal, you might have mild redness, swelling, and inflammation for an hour or two. You can apply ice or cold compresses and take over-the-counter pain medication. You should avoid direct sunlight and tanning beds for at least six weeks and use sunscreen daily. The most common side effects or risks are mild and temporary and include skin irritation and lightening or darkening of the skin.

Why Choose Advanced Hair and Skin Surgery

At Advanced Hair and Skin Surgery, Dr. Elliott and his team have decades of experience in cosmetic procedures and dermatologic surgery. We specialize in hair loss treatment for men and women, cosmetic procedures for the face and body, vein disease treatment, and medical-grade skin and hair products. Our staff is friendly, professional, accommodating, and committed to quality care and exceptional customer service. We have worked hard to create a comfortable, inviting atmosphere where patients feel welcome and safe. We maintain a strong focus on patient education so you can make an informed decision about your body and our services.

Make an Appointment With Us Now

Are you ready to get rid of unwanted hair for months or years? Call us today or contact us online to schedule a consultation for laser hair removal in Edmonton or Sherwood Park, AB. Dr. Elliott and our team will go over your needs and goals and let you know what to expect from our laser hair removal procedure.

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