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LaserCap® for Hair Growth in Sherwood Park, AB

We Can Help You Regrow a Full Head of Hair

Everyone deserves to look and feel their best. A full head of hair is a critical element of one’s appearance. Dr. Vance Elliott and the team at Advanced Hair & Skin Surgery in Sherwood Park, AB can treat your hair loss and restore your locks. We offer a wide range of hair loss treatments in Edmonton and the surrounding area, and among our specialties is LaserCap® therapy. This innovative hair loss solution uses advanced light technology to regenerate, regrow, and restore your hair. Our team sees patients every day who are embarrassed by their balding patterns or have low self-esteem because of their thinning hair. But we can reverse nature and boost your confidence with our LaserCap® hair treatment. Call us today to get started.

What Is LaserCap®?

LaserCap® is the original laser therapy cap. It has been approved by the leading health agencies to be used to regrow hair for men and women. This life-changing product uses prescription-strength laser therapy to facilitate hair growth. The scientifically-proven process is known as Low-Level-Light Therapy (LLLT). The LaserCap® is a discreet product that you can place under your favorite hat and use while at home, the gym, on your daily commute to work, or while you are walking around in public. No one has to know it is there. Meanwhile, 30 minutes of use every other day will help restore and regrow your natural hair.

LaserCap® Uses State-of-the-Art Technology

The market is flush with LaserCap® competitors, but none of the similar products can deliver the levels of light energy our products offer. LaserCap® patients overwhelmingly notice positive results because the treatment relies on pulsed-wave light emission. This approach involves turning the lasers on and off several times per second to deliver light at a high intensity without building excessive heat. An added benefit of this approach is its comfort compared to other options.

Laser hair therapy in Edmonton & Sherwood Park

Understanding How LaserCap® Works

The innovative LLLT technology that regenerates hair is also known as photobiomodulation therapy or laser hair therapy. LaserCap® harnesses the power of light to re-energize active hair follicles. Before use, you must charge your LaserCap® using a battery pack. This will provide enough energy to power your unit for a complete laser therapy session. You can wear your LaserCap® under a fashionable hat to keep it out of view or wear it on its own in the comfort of your home. Because of its portability, it is extremely easy to use. The therapeutic process entails:

Before – Prior to using your LaserCap® product, your hair follicles may be inactive, growing slowly, or producing thin hair.

During – While using your LaserCap®, specialized cells deep within your hair follicles absorb red laser light, which provides energy to boost cellular respiration and hair growth.

After – Following treatment, once-dormant hair follicles are awakened and will produce thicker, healthier hair.

Benefits of Using LaserCap®

As with any hair loss treatment plan, the top benefit of LaserCap® is its ability to regrow your natural hair. Dr. Elliott and his team want to make the process easy for you, and LaserCap® can help. The dome-shaped membrane is easy to wear anywhere, so you can go about your normal routine while combatting your hair loss problems. Among the benefits of LaserCap® are:


Innovative technology

Allows you to avoid surgery

Optimal power

Portable and discreet

Determining Which LaserCap® Is Right for You

The specialists at Advanced Hair & Skin Surgery have extensive industry experience and are committed to helping you achieve optimal results. We will consider factors including your rate of hair loss and the areas on your head void of hair to determine which LaserCap® is ideal for your circumstances. Your options include:

LaserCap® SD – This style uses 80 laser diodes to encompass a standard coverage area. It is best for patients with mild or early-stage hair loss on top of their heads.

LaserCap® HD – Patients who benefit most from the HD version have more advanced hair loss on their vortex or crown. This product has 224 laser diodes.

LaserCap® HD+ – The ultimate in hair rejuvenation, this product’s 304 laser diodes can regenerate hair growth over a large coverage area that includes the crown and hairline.

Why You Should Choose Advanced Hair & Skin Surgery

Advanced Hair & Skin Surgery has been assisting patients with their hair loss treatments and more for nearly two decades. Dr. Elliott has completed comprehensive education requirements and undergone extensive training to be able to provide you with the best solutions available. Furthermore, our friendly staff is committed to providing unrivaled care and customer service. Be sure to also ask about our cosmetic procedures and vein treatments.

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