Hair Treatment Cost in Edmonton & Sherwood Park

Is It Expensive to Treat My Hair Loss?

It often isn’t, but of course, that depends on your goals and degree of loss. Minoxidil is no longer expensive. One bottle which 10 years ago cost around $65 can be as little as $15 today. This will last about a month. Non-surgical options, like wigs, can be much more expensive than that.

If I Want Hair Transplant Surgery, How Much Does That Cost?

Hair transplant costs are explained here.

What About the Cost of Doctors Appointments?

Hair loss is a medical condition, so appointments to see a doctor for consultation and medical treatment are insured by Alberta Health. There is no additional cost to you.

Maybe I Shouldn’t Worry About My Hair.

It is normal to be bothered by hair loss. Find out why it is happening and what you can do about it. Act. Do something. You’ll feel better.

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