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All Dr.s are not the same. Dr. Vance Elliott is simply amazing!

I had been to another doctor in town who performs many cosmetic procedures in her office. Under the idea that all doctors are basically the same and trained the same, I had great confidence in choosing this other doctor to perform my first under eye Juvederm injection (tear trough) to fill my under eye hollows and restore my youthful appearance. The procedure was fairly uncomfortable as she had used pin prick technique with a  needle rather than cannula. I left that doctor’s office with horrific swelling and embarrassing results. I was reassured by that other Dr that it was normal. After little to no improvement and feeling unable to leave my house for two weeks I returned to that doctor and told her I was unhappy. She added more Juvederm to already overfilled areas and told me it was fine and I did not feel that she listened to my concerns of overfill. I was told she can not take it out after she puts it in. Finally after spending so much time and money at the other doctors office and being left feeling mutilated and confidence deflated, I decided to look into other options. I had heard through a friend that Dr. Elliott provided excellent service and decided to book in to get a second opinion. I emailed his office and immediately was answered with a reassuring response. Suddenly I felt I had some hope. I booked in a consultation the very next day.

When I entered Dr. Elliott’s office I was greeted by beautiful, friendly smiles. I was promptly seen by  Dr. Elliott and he agreed that the results that I had from the other office were not normal and not the result that he would have provided. He reassured me that he could fix what the other doctor had done. Immediately Dr. Elliott told me that he in fact could reverse the Juvederm easily and could even control the amount that was to be dissolved. And that is what he did to the areas that were overfilled, as I had thought and requested to the previous doctor.

A week later I came back to have more filler added to the under eyes to fill in the ridges and the areas that the other doctor had underfilled. Dr. Elliott’s receptionists and assistants were once again warm and professional. Dr. Elliott explained the plan of action they were going to take to achieve optimal results. As the procedure went on they explained what was going on, and Dr. Elliott showed me the results of his work as he went along. He also asked the opinion of his assistant who was providing a second set of eyes. He used a cannula which left only one very small pinprick on each cheek rather than a ton of pinpricks under the eyes and left me with absolutely no bruising! The swelling was minimal and the result was amazing. The entire experience, from consultation to final result was so professional and exactly what I would have hoped for. It was nothing at all like my previous experience. Dr. Vance Elliot is simply amazing. His touch is gentle, his demeanor is professional. I can definitely say that he loves what he does and does it to make you feel good about yourself. He does not do it to make an extra dollar. I would and will be getting any and all future services that I need to be done by him.

Before & After of Under Eye Fillers Injection at Advanced Hair and Skin Surgery


Hi. I am a patient of Dr. Elliott’s. I first came to him with a medical problem and was impressed by his compassion and ability to listen to my problems. One day in the course of a treatment, I was talking with him about facial rejuvenation and facial symmetry. He suggested that Restylane injections would go a long way to helping me out, as well as give back my lost youthful appearance. Anyone I ever talked to who has had this done said it had been one of the most painful experiences they’ve had. Needless to say, I was a little more than hesitant. He told me how he could give me a dental block and as such promised me I would not feel a thing! Well that’s all well and good I thought, but it still meant getting needles, so I wasn’t sure that that was any better. I talked with another patient who had had the procedure and was assured I would be pleasantly surprised. With trepidation I agreed to give it a go.

My procedure went BEAUTIFULLY! We discussed everything I wanted as we went along, and together with his suggestions and those from his staff it turned out wonderfully. And to top it all off, I never felt a thing! Not the injections OR the procedure itself. Nothing! It was unbelievable. My self esteem climbed ten fold. I no longer felt self conscious by the way I looked and felt a new pride in myself. I was very glad I had it done.

His staff are the best. They are friendly, caring and funny. I feel so comfortable when I come in it’s like being part of a family. I cannot say enough nice things about Dr. Elliott, his work and his staff. I would NOT consider going anywhere else. If you need anything from hair restoration to skin care to rejuvenation and anything in between you must see them. You will not regret it and you will wonder why you ever considered anyone else!

VERY happy patient!


I first saw Dr. Elliott three years ago. My hair had been thinning for some time and it had become quite noticeable. He started me on medication. I noticed improvement after two or three months, and within a year I had re-grown a tremendous amount of new hair. In fact, Dr. Elliott remarked that I probably had twice as much hair as I did when he first saw me. There was still a bit of receding at the temples so after two years I started hair laser treatment as well as medication. This produced even more new hair growth. After a year of hair laser my hairline is now almost fully restored. I was especially pleased to see such impressive results from what seems to be a very low-key intervention.

Dr. Elliott and all his staff have always been friendly, helpful and professional, and there’s never been pressure to do something I didn’t feel comfortable with. The process was and continues to be very easy. I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Single session grafting to eyebrows. results have shown a year later.

Eyebrow Transplants at Edmonton & Sherwood Park Eyebrow Transplant at Edmonton & Sherwood Park

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