What Can You Do to Prevent Hair Loss?

If I Already Have These Genes and Can’t Get Rid of Them, What’s the Point in Worrying About Fate?

If there were nothing that could be done, there would be no point. But, now we have treatment to stop the loss. You can do something to take control.

I Don’t Want to Go Bald! What Can I Do?

The most important message is to act to stop the hair loss early. With every day that goes by, you lose more hair. Thankfully, there are better options to treat AGA than ever before. You can stop or slow the loss with medical therapy, maintaining your hair as many years as possible. Hair restoration surgery may be the right option to reverse the appearance change that you have already suffered. Non-medical options, like hairpieces, also can compensate for the appearance of hair loss.

When Should I Start Preventive Treatment?

Start the day you know you have hair loss. The reason is simple: it is easier to save hair than grow it back. Early treatment will maintain hair so it is not lost in the first place. The more hair you save, the more you have. No one ever complains to Dr. Elliott about having too much hair.

When Should I See a Hair Loss Specialist Doctor?

You know your hair best. If you think you are losing, you are probably right. Get it checked. You may not need any treatment yet, but remember; early treatment saves hair.

What Really Works?

There have always been a lot of unproven treatments available. Some might even work, but there are only two scientifically proven options to regrow hair: Medical therapy and Hair Transplantation. The approved medications are Minoxidil ( Rogaine® and generics) and Finasteride ( Propecia® ). Minoxidil is topical (you put it on your scalp) and Finasteride is a pill you take by mouth.

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