Why Does It Bother Me?

Why Does Hair Loss Make Us Look Older Than We Are?

The front and temple hairlines (sides of the head above the ears) “frame” the face. Recession alters the proportions with the other facial features, like the nose, eyes, and mouth, and adds years to our appearance. That’s why you look younger when you put on a hat and the recession disappears. Women who thin and lose volume and body from the hair on top will notice a similar change, plus the extra “shine” of the scalp showing through.

If This Is So Common, Why Should I Let It Bother Me?

Hair loss causes a negative change in our appearance, and it just gets worse. It’s normal to dislike it. It’s normal to be bothered by it. If you were alone on a desert island and saw your vanishing hairline reflected off in a pool of water, you wouldn’t like it. If you got your front teeth knocked out, you would have them replaced, wouldn’t you? Why should losing your hair be any different?

What Can I Do?

You don’t have to do anything. Fact: the loss will get worse. Fact: you can stop it, but you have to get the tools to do the job. Allowing more hair loss to happen is the only choice where you don’t have to do anything. It’s less work to go bald, but it’s not easier, is it?

If This Is So Common, Why Is It Under-Treated?

Unfortunately, most men with hair loss suffer in silence. Hair loss is not a medical risk like high cholesterol, so you won’t get screened for it. Often, many of us won’t ask our Doctor about hair loss because we feel shy, and your Doctor may not bring the issue up for the same reasons. Maybe it’s thought to be just part of getting older. Finally, many patients and physicians are not aware of the effectiveness of medical and surgical treatment. More years go by and more hair is lost. If you want treatment, you have to go after it.

Is It Expensive to Treat My Hair Loss?

It often isn’t, but of course, that depends on your goals and degree of loss. Finasteride costs $10-50 per month, depending on dose and format. Minoxidil is as little as $12 per bottle.

What About the Cost of Doctor Appointments?

Hair loss is a medical condition, so appointments to see a doctor are insured by Alberta Health. There is no additional cost to you

Maybe I Shouldn’t Worry About My Hair.

Sometimes, we feel like we should be able to just accept the change in our appearance and that it shouldn’t matter. Wrong. It is NORMAL to be bothered by hair loss. Do something about it. Find out why it is happening and do what you can to stop it. Act. You’ll feel better.

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