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I Don’t Like Taking Pills. Can’t I Just Use the Finasteride on the Scalp Like Minoxidil?

No, because it works in a different way than Minoxidil. Using the medication on the scalp surface only blocks the enzyme in the scalp. Most of the DHT that chokes the follicles comes from the blood circulation. You have to block the DHT in the whole body to achieve a lower level at the follicles.

I Don’t Want to Take Medication for the Rest of My Life!

Of course not. No one does. It’s just a choice that you make. The alternative is losing more hair. Think of it like brushing your teeth. You don’t have to brush your teeth, but if you don’t, they will fall out. So, you choose to brush them. You may only decide to treat the loss with medication until you are older, or until better treatment comes along. There will be improved treatment in the future, but in the meantime, you are not getting balder.

If I Stop My Finasteride or Minoxidil, Will I Lose More Hair?

You will lose whatever hair the medication has been maintaining. Remember that there is no cure, just the ability to block or slow the effects. Think of a condition like Asthma. There is no cure, but with treatment, the symptoms go away. If you stop the medication, the breathing problems return.

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