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Is a Proper Diagnosis Important?

If you see a bald guy, you can make the diagnosis from across the street. However, specialized knowledge and experience are needed for diagnosis in the early stages. This is important because early treatment is so valuable.

What Can I Do?

Many patients who come to see Dr. Elliott are happy to know there is finally something they can do. If you are worried about hair loss but haven’t been able to get help, don’t give up. See a hair loss treatment specialist and start getting solutions.

What Is a Hair Loss Treatment Specialist?

These are physicians who by choice, training, and experience specialize in the medical and surgical treatment of hair loss. They have much more experience in the use of medical therapy and can more fully explain your options including hair restoration surgery. Many have experienced hair loss and its treatment themselves and can understand your concerns. Dr. Elliott has had 2 hair transplants and has used Finasteride and Minoxidil for many years with great results. He has seen thousands of patients for their hair loss. This is what he does.

Is It Worth the Trouble?

We are talking about your HAIR! This can be as simple as stopping the loss by seeing a doctor and taking a pill. Isn’t that worth it? Dr. Elliott doesn’t want to go bald either and he has maintained his hair for the last 10 years thanks to these same treatments. Meet Dr. Elliott and some of his patients. See what you think. It’s less work to go bald, but it’s not easier, is it?

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