Does Medication Re-Grow Hair?

Will They Actually Regrow Hair?

Minoxidil does not commonly re-grow full diameter, comb-able hair, but may grow some finer, shorter hairs. Finasteride will grow normal quality hair in about 60% of patients, but only in the back half of the top scalp.

What if I Have Been Bald for a Long Time?

Can those follicles still be revived? Finasteride is most worthwhile when used early before the hair is lost. Physicians initially thought that Finasteride would never be effective in long-term stable AGA. However, Dr. Elliott has had many patients re-grow hair that had been lost 15 years before. He believes it is always worth considering. If you could regain some hair just by taking a pill, would you think it was worth it?

Are There No Guarantees?

What is guaranteed in nearly everyone is more hair loss. That is unless you do something about it. You will never see any benefit if you don’t try.

If it is Not Going to Regrow My Hair, Is It Worth It?

Dr. Elliott believes that saving hair is always worth it. At a minimum, treatment will allow you to slow down the thinning. Most patients in his practice achieve more than this and feel the medical treatment has been very worthwhile. You should discuss treatment expectations with your physician.

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